W1 – Ireland to London

Headed by Timothy Wholey (b.1842/47? – d.1898) & Jane Murray (b.1845/49 – d.1893)

Timothy Wholey, was born in Ireland probably between 1842 and 1847. His wife Jane Murray, was also born in Ireland probably between 1845 and 1849. These dates are vague as no original birth certificates can be found, nor a marriage certificate for the couple. The first mentions of Timothy and Jane Wholey are as the parents of Cornelius Wholey born on 2nd October 1869 in Bantry, and Patrick Wholley born on 14th September 1871. These are the only recorded mentions of these children.

By the time of the birth of their third recorded child, Jane Wholey born 14th May 1873, the family had moved to Dunmanway, Ireland. At some point between 1873 and 1877 the family moved to St Olave, London. It was here that Timothy and Jane had their last two recorded children; Timothy Edward Wholey (born 22nd July 1877) and Thomas Wholey (born 11th August 1880).

Timothy Wholey had found work in the South London docks as a corn porter and dock labourer. This area of London was at the time one of the most economically depressed of Europe, poverty was rife, and in 1891 the family of five lived in two rooms. Indeed, it is difficult to track the family’s movements, constantly changing addresses due to the short-term nature of the work provided by the docks.

Timothy and Jane Wholey died before the turn of the century, Jane on the 11th November 1893 at the age of 44 (after suffering from Chronic Bronchitis for ten years) and Timothy exactly five years later on the 11th November 1898 at the age of 51. Their daughter, now Jane Beamish having married Charles Beamish on the 18th October 1891, being present at both their deaths. Timothy and Jane Wholey’s three children (Jane, Timothy Edward and Thomas) gave them posthumously at least 16 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren.

Unfortunately during the Second World War the family home, along with family records and photographs, was destroyed in the Blitz. This means that only official documents can be used to piece together this family history, and due to the poverty the family faced mentions are few and far between.


Cornelius Wholey (b.1869 – d.Unknown)
Patrick Wholley (b.1871 – d.Unknown)
Jane Wholey (b.1873 – d.Unknown)
Timothy Edward Wholey (b.1877 – d.1957)
Thomas Wholey (b.1880 – d.1928)


1840s-1869: Unknown, Ireland
1869-1873: Cork, Ireland
1873-1877: Moved to St Olave, South London
1877+: St Olave, South London