Family history can be a very dry business if we just think of everyone as a list of names with their date of birth and death etc. However, in some cases this is the only information we have or at the very least is a good way to find more detailed stories about them.

British Wholeys

There are currently around a hundred Wholeys in Britain and three main family trees which account for a third if not more of all British Wholeys families:

Irish and American Wholeys

There are around a thousand Wholeys in America and most are Irish in origins. We do not have a huge amount of information on them, but can sometimes point you in the right direction is specific information is needed.

WHEN REQUESTING INFORMATION: Sending an email that says “My uncle was John Wholey and he married Mary are we related?” is not enough information.  Please give as many dates and locations about John and Mary (made up for this example) along with the names of parents/brothers/children and ideally an occupation if you have them.  Email enquiries@wholey.org

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