W2 – Lincolnshire – William Wholey & Rebecca Hickson

(Lincolnshire)/William Wholey (c.1798 – c.1865/9) & Rebecca Hickson (c.1799 – 1869)


William Wholey, the eldest child of Jarvis and Mary Wholey, was baptised on the 4th October 1798 in Brattleby, Lincolnshire. On the 6th August 1821 he married Rebecca Hickson (c.1799 – d.1869) at the St Paul-in-the-Bail Church in the city of Lincoln, where all their children were baptised. His sister Elizabeth Wholey (c.1800 – ) was recorded as a witness. The Bail area of Lincoln is essentially the high street outside its Cathedral, it has an ancient history and the house William and Rebecca lived in at 12 Bailgate dated back in part to at least the early 1300s. Unfortunately this house was demolished in 1882, but in its rebuilt state the building now houses ‘Pitlochry of Scotland’, which rather appropriately is a clothes shop, as William Wholey was a tailor (click here to view copies of trade directories). The earliest mention of William at 12 Bailgate is in a 1830 lease, when he shared the tenement with Stephen Shepard. He remained at 12 Bailgate for over thirty years, dying some time between 1865 and 1869. Rebecca remained in the house until her death in 1869, and by 1877 Edith Annie M. Boswell, a milliner and dressmaker, had taken over the property (click here for census returns from 1841 to 1861 for the family).


The family was quite large as William and Rebecca had eight children. Of their six daughters, four married in St Pauls Church to men in the Bailgate area; Harriet Wholey (c.1824 – d.unknown) married Edwin Keyworth; Rebecca Wholey (c.1826 – d.unknown) married Charles Thomas Woodthorpe, then Mr Kent, and finally Edward Kirk; Mary Jane Wholey (c.1834 – d.unknown) married John William Hoyle, and Elizabeth Wholey (c.1836 – d.unknown) married William King Payne. Of their two sons, their eldest William James Wholey (c.1828 – d.1865) died leaving an extensive will written the day before he died of Bronchitis. He left a small sum to each of his sisters, and a silver watch to his brother.


1798: Brattleby
1789-1821: Brattleby/Brackenborough?
1821-1865/9?: Bailgate, City of Lincoln

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