W2 – Lincolnshire – John Wholey and Betsey Ann (Frances) Grant

(Lincolnshire)/John Wholey (c.1803 – 1856) & Betsey Ann (Frances) Grant (c.1799-1865)


John Wholey, son of Jarvis and Mary Wholey, was born in Brackenborough just north of Louth in Lincolnshire. From at least 1825 until his death in 1856 he lived in Louth itself. John was a labourer and farmer by occupation. On 29th August 1825 he married Elizabeth (Betsey) Grant (c.1799-1865) in Louth. She was born in Binbrook, near Louth, and was by profession a washerwoman. They had eight children.


(Mary) Sophia (Betsey) Wholley/Wholey (c.1823-1887), William Wholey (c.1828-), John Wholey/Wolley (c.1832-1894), Robert Jarvis Wholey (c.1833-1885), Ann(ie) Wholey (c.1834-), William Grant Wholey (c.1837-1887), Thomas Scaithe Wholey (c.1839-1859), James Henry Wholey (c.1842-1873), Francis Williams Wholey (c.1845-1845)

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