W2 – Lincolnshire – Jarvis Wholey and Mary Crosby

(Lincolnshire)/Jarvis Wholey (c.1772 – 1846) & Mary Crosby (c.1775 – 1851)

Biography: Gervise Wholey married Mary Crosby on the 23rd November 1797, in Branston Lincolnshire. His place of residence in the marriage register, as discovered by Peter Robinson his direct descendent, was given as Astropp (an old spelling of Aisthorp, Lincolnshire). Aisthorp is the neighbouring village to Brattleby where their eldest child William Wholey (c.1798 – d.1865/9) was christened on the 4th October 1798. His two sisters were also christened in this village in 1800 and 1801.

By 1803 the family had moved to Brackenborough, a small manor farm just north of Louth. They remained here until at least 1815 when their last son was christened. “In Louth in 1823 a Jarvis Wholey is listed as living in Willow Row, suggesting a move from Brackenborough some time between 1815 and 1823″ (Peter Robinson).

There is no record of Jarvis on the 1841 census. On the few documents available Jarvis is usually described as a labourer, although on his death certificate (he died on 9th April 1846) he is described as a shepherd.

There are even less clues about Mary Crosby. At the time of her marriage she gave her place of residence as Meer/Mere. Yet this does not mean she was born there. There is also a Mary Wholey born in Lincolnshire of the right age during the 1841 census for Bailgate Lincoln. It cannot be confirmed if this was William’s mother even though he was living in the same street at the time.


William Wholey (c.1798 – d.1865/9), Elizabeth Wholey (c.1800 – d.unknown), Sarah Wholey (c.1801 – d.unknown), John Wholey (c.1803 – d.1856), Mary Wholey (c.1804 – d.unknown), Jane Wholey (c.1809 – d.unknown), Thomas Crosby Wholey (c.1812 – d.1861), Joseph Wholey (c.1815 – d.1886)


c.1772-1797: Unknown
1798-1801: Branston, Lincolnshire
1802-1803: Moved to Brackenborough, Lincolnshire?
1803-1815: Brackenborough, Lincolnshire
1815-1823: Moved to Louth?
1823: Willow Row, Louth, Lincolnshire
1824-1846: Louth, Lincolnshire

Spelling of surname:

It is also important to note the changes in the name that occurred throughout Jarvis and Mary’s lives. In particular it is interesting to note that Jarvis Wholey was recorded in the Brattleby parish records as Jarvis Wooley, changing to Walley or Whalley in Brackenborough, and then to Wholey by the end of his life (and adopted by his descendants). It this was indeed the true spelling of his name, and that Wholey was a corruption, then this places this branch of the Wholey family as part of the much bigger Wooley family tree which is a much more commoner English surname.

1797: (marriage)
(baptism of William in Brattleby) Wooley
(baptism of Elizabeth in Brattleby) Wooley
(baptism of Sarah in Brattleby) Wooley
(baptism of John in Brackenborough) Walley
(baptism of Mary)
(baptism of Jane in Brackenborough) Whalley
(baptism of Thomas Crosby in Brackenborough) Wholley
(baptism of Joseph in Brackenborough) Whaley
(living in Willow Row) Wholey
(death certificate) Wholey

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