Are we related?

Mist Hanging in a ForestThere are many Wholeys in the world and not all are related.  This site has grown out of an interest in the name, which is very rare, which leads me to collect references as I find them. I have loads of information online, in files and elsewhere and this site is my attempt to share it with the world in the hope someone finds it useful.  I am more than happy to respond to queries – but I need some information! I am amazed when I get a one line email that says “My father was Timothy Wholey.  Are we related?” A good email would say the following (and is a good way to start your research anyway!):

  • When and where were you born?
  • When and where were your parents born? What were their full names? What jobs did they do? Where did they live? Did they have any brother or sisters?
  • Same questions as asked of your parents apply to earlier generations.  If you want to just know about Timothy Wholey who came over from Ireland to America, tell me everything you know about him!

Therefore a much improved email would be (this is a made up example) “My father was Timothy Wholey, he was born in 1934 in Dublin and was a shopkeeper in New York. His brothers were Dan and Tom (who I think were older).  Their father was John Wholey who married Molly.”Adding in extra details, no matter how irrelevant it seems, is very useful.

In my own family tree my side of the family knew that Timothy Wholey (born 1877) married Margaret O’Shea, but we didn’t know if he had any siblings. We saw another family tree which referred to an older brother called Timothy Wholey who was married to Mog. It was only when my Grandma pointed out that Margaret O’Shea was known to everyone as Mog, that we put the two family trees together.

So my advice, before you send an email, is to write about your family history based on what you and your relatives know. Write it as a story which as much information as possible. This is the fun part of family history! From this you then need to check out the facts.  Can you confirm dates and locations?  Can you find out more about the occupations your ancestors held? I would love to put your stories up on this site as well as providing you with any information I may have on file.

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