So how do you pronounce Wholey?

Shop assistant: And your name please?

Me: It’s Wholey, W-h

Shop assistant: H-o

Me: No not Hooley, it’s W-h-o-l-e-y!

I must have this conversation virtually every week. Why do I bother? Should I just accept a different pronunciation? If so what could it be and is it just my family that says “Who? Leigh?”

Looking on Youtube I have a few clues. As this video shows the most famous American Wholey of them all, Dennis Wholey, pronounces it as Whole-y (or Hole Leigh) (groovy show by the way)

Whereas Wholey’s Market in Pittsburgh pronounces it Woolies.

Which is also how Dr Mark Wholey pronounces his name

But finally Alison Wholey pronounces it the way I do, and as she’s an Attorney so she must be right!

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